Welcome to GAT Realty, for our team is an honor if you give us the opportunity to show you what “Guanacaste” the best-valued region of Costa Rica has to offer you.
With our network of contacts, we may be your best vehicle to explore and choose the right option to invest in the country of just set your first footprint in your Paradise of choice.

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Alexander MartĂ­nez & Gerry Rivera


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Our Venture started to take form some time back, since the day we met a brotherhood grew strong. We worked together in different Industries and gained plenty of knowledge an experience over time. Together we bring expertise in Sales, Customer Service, Property Management, Hospitality professional service, project management, Investment advisory… Among a few other tools that allows us to create a company that understands your needs and will achieve your expectations.

GAT Group is here for you take the time to make your inquires, we will be happy to put our experience, contacts and organization at your service to achieve what you want in Costa Rica.

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